Truffle Magazine

  • The Piggy That Divides By Itself (forthcoming)


  • The Family Comanchero (Oct 8th)

Brag Literary Magazine

  • Family Owned and Operated (forthcoming)

Neuro Logical Literary Magazine

  • Boys and Cows (forthcoming)

Beaver Magazine

  • Savage Bastards, Sweet Lovers (forthcoming)

The Red Lemon Review

  • Air Pockets (forthcoming)

Hellhound Magazine

  • Resting Places (October)

Eerie River Publishing

  • The Banshee and the Bosun (coming soon)


  • The Midnight Moth (forthcoming)

Wretched Creations

  • Moonfaced Jester (Issue 1.7)
  • The Devourer’s Fear Parlor (Issue 1.8)

Ghost Orchid Press

Nocturne Horror Literary Magazine

  • Spinal Seeds (coming October)

Raven & Drake Publishing

  • Bandolier (coming soon)
  • Driftwood (coming soon)
  • Trick-or-Meat (coming soon)
  • Bone Chomper (coming Halloween, 2021)
  • The Cemetery Scene (coming Halloween, 2021)