In addition to Inside Writing being a webinar, it is also produced and consumable in podcast format. You can access all the episodes here.

Cabinet of Curiosities, which is amazing in and of itself and worth your listen whether I do anything with it or not, also has a growing collection of episodes written by me. Yay!

Come talk about bad movies! (And also your writing.) But first, check out the details right here. And then fill out the form to be a guest. Or, if you’re super antsy, you can find the form here.

And then, start listening here.

I used to talk about soccer a lot, now not so much. This was my old podcast and while I’m not around on it anymore, it’s still awesome. Check it out on Player FM or your favorite PodCast App (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.)

I produce the audio and editorial bonus content on the Razor Podcast. Go for the stories, stay for the commentary from the editors.

I made an appearance at the end of this episode, briefly talking about my writing career and detailing why the Gotham Writers Conference is so amazing.

Also, this podcast is fantastic with or with out me, so listen.