Only because you asked

I hate talking about myself. But here it goes…


I’m a writer. I enjoy writing everything, from stories about aliens licking things, to middle grade books about kids and nightmares and monsters, to podcasts about things you never knew about, and giving you hot and surely unmissable takes on what you should be wearing. My writing is an exploration and I’m always finding new forms to try out.

I discovered in my exploration as a writer that my sense of humor is stuck around the 8-12 year old range, so middle grade has always called to me. But no matter the age, I love making people laugh. I also enjoy any and every conspiracy theory about aliens and time travel, as well as freaky stories about monsters that come out of conspicuous holes in trees and take over the world, so wherever all these things meet is where I live as a writer.


I’m the founding editor and Fiction editor at The Razor, where I read any and all fiction under 2000 words.

I’m an Associate Editor at Uncharted Mag, where I read horror and science fiction submission. Which is my way of telling you to submit your genius horror and science fiction writing.

Negative Space

I adore comics, particularly kids’ comics. That passion has led me to link up with Negative Space, an incredible resource for comic book creators, as their Director of Content. We’re going to be rolling out a slew of panels and podcasts to help comic book creators break into the industry and establish themselves.

Gotham Writers

I am the Director of Publishing Guidance at Gotham Writers Workshop in New York City. I love helping people reach their publishing goals. It’s my jam.

I created the Gotham Writers Conference, which is the greatest writing conference you can ever go to. It was named best conference in New York by the Writer Magazine in 2019, our very first year in existence. Kinda neat.

While at Gotham, I also created the hit webinar/podcast series Inside Writing. I say it’s a “hit” because no one can convince me otherwise and because people genuinely do listen and enjoy it.

Throughout Inside Writing, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing incredible agents and editors and writers. Literally, they are all incredible. I’m convinced that one day my guests will be awful, but until that day I’ll just enjoy how fantastic each and every one of them has been and will be.

I should add that I hate talking, the sound of my voice, and people watching me talk, so it seemed like a natural fit to host a live webinar series where I get to interview people I admire and look up to.

I’m also a professional Proofreader. I teach Creative Writing 101 and Character Development.

Also—Joshua 1:9!!