I’m a writer. That’s all I do. I have made a living as a soccer writer (call it football if you want, I won’t fight you) covering the most beautiful game ever concocted.

I’m a proud¬†American, and that does not diminish my opinion of soccer. There isn’t some gene that is only prevalent in Europeans and South/Central Americans that allows the understanding of the beautiful game.

I just eclipsed my three year anniversary as site expert at Pain in the Arsenal, a Time Inc. website covering the Gunners. Other than Arsenal, I am a universal fan of the game and I’ve branched out to other footballing publications, including FourFourTwo US, where I covered MLS and the rise of America’s version of soccer, before founding my own website, Stateside of Soccer.

I write cultural and historical pieces for These Football Times and find this to be where the game is its most beautiful. Because it is so much more than a game.

I’m a devoted NYCFC season ticket holder, a diehard and lifelong Houston Astros (even when they were losing 100 games a year) fan, an FC Schalke lover and a passionate hater of everything related to the NFL (I will fight you on this one).

I am also an aspiring novelist, having two completed manuscripts detailing little-known historical episodes that have been fleshed out into full length novels. I am an adult scavenger hunt host and a teacher at Gotham Writers workshop. I’m an assistant at Talcott Notch Literary Agency and an assistant at the New York Pitch Conference.

I have been featured on the Guardian, Fox Sports and CBS.

If it can be written, I can write it.